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    Board of Directors

    Christopher Kearney

    Christopher J. Kearney

    Retired Chairman, SPX FLOW, Inc.

    Mr. Kearney served as the Non-Executive Chairman of SPX FLOW, Inc. (global supplier of highly engineered flow components, process equipment and turnkey solutions for the power and energy, food and beverage, and industrial markets), from January 2016 until May 2017, and as Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of SPX FLOW from October 2015 through December 2015. Mr. Kearney served in the same roles at SPX Corporation prior to the spin-off that created SPX FLOW, Inc., in October 2015. He was named President and CEO of SPX Corporation in December 2004 and was subsequently appointed Chairman in 2007. Mr. Kearney joined SPX Corporation in 1997 as Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel.

    Mr. Kearney founded Eagle Marsh Holdings, LLC (business and real estate investments) in 2016 and has served as its managing partner since its formation. He is also a director of Nucor Corporation. Mr. Kearney is 63 and has been a UTC director since 2018.

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